This page is a collection of digital imagery of different output I have collated as a freelance artist for the past 8 years.  This covers from Illustrations both Conventional and Contemporary; Illustrations on freehand drawings with digital output, Architectural Drawings that cover technical drawings and renderings; as well as Traditional Painting on an Artist Canvas and Digital Paintings. (Sadly though, these are few of what I have safely kept and lost most of them when my laptop broke down.)

Randomly you will also find a preview of my thoughts and experiences in Art and Architecture, basically the struggles in pursuit to what I consider a journey to my personal legend. (Thank you Paulo Coelho for coining such term — when I read the Alchemist back in 2000; it gave me a whole lot different perspective about life and how important it is to dream and be confident in pursuing them)

I have already created an online space some years ago but failed to maintain it as the day to day proceedings of life would sometimes take me to alternative paths yet what amazes me though is how I always find myself again and again despite it all  — you know the giving-up-it-is-not-for-me-dilemma and always find myself doing what I best do. It’s highly likely the Universe is calling and there is nothing much to do but to respond. Thank you Life 🙂